Best Trending Bridal Lehenga Colour for Wedding In 2024

In the always-changing world of wedding fashion, the popular Trending Bridal Lehenga Colour for Wedding play a big part in how modern brides choose their outfits. Choosing the appropriate color isn’t solely based on personal liking; it’s also impacted by the most recent fashion trends.


Trending Bridal Lehenga Colour for Wedding
Trending Bridal Lehenga Colour for Wedding

Every year, people eagerly look forward to seeing brides in beautiful wedding lehengas. For those who don’t want to stick to just one color, deciding between different hues can be a fun challenge.

Today, we’re going to talk about unique combinations of lehenga colors that show off the latest trends while keeping the classic style of traditional fashion. These combinations bring together the best of both worlds – the timeless charm of tradition and the modern appeal of contemporary fashion.


Let’s Step into Style, Where Wedding Fashion Meets Timeless Trends.


Tips for Choosing the Right Color for You: Trending Bridal Lehenga Colour for Wedding :


Consider the steps below while choosing a trending bridal lehenga colour –

  • Consider Your Undertone
  • Consider Fabric Shade
  • Personal Preferences Matter
  • Test Before Finalizing
  • Accessorize Wisely

Pro Tip On Customization Bridal Lehenga:

  • Create your bridal lehenga with personal flair—favorite colors, sentimental embroidery, initials of the groom, special dates, etc.
  • Align your bridal lehenga with the wedding theme.


 Traditional Color Trends in Bridal Lehengas:


Bridal lehenga color in many cultures is deeply rooted in tradition, with colors playing a significant role in expressing cultural symbolism, emotions, and auspiciousness. It also provides a timeless charm to the bride.

Red & White:

Couple in red & white wedding outfit
Couple in red & white wedding outfit

Red, symbolizing love, passion, and prosperity, has long been the quintessential bridal color in many cultures. To infuse a modern touch, consider variations like wine red or redberry. Incorporate intricate gold embroidery for a regal look. Additionally, experiment with different fabric textures like velvet or silk to add depth to the ensemble.

While white may not be as traditional in some cultures, it has gained popularity for its simplicity and purity. This colour is popular for Gujarati wedding Outfits for couples. Opt for an all-white or mixed Cherry red unique lehenga colour combinations with intricate lace or threadwork for a minimalist and ethereal look. To add a touch of tradition, consider incorporating subtle hints of gold embroidery.


Royal Blue:


Royal Blue wedding outfit
Royal Blue wedding outfit

Royal blue exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a popular choice for modern brides seeking a bold yet refined look. Pair royal blue with contrasting shades like lavender blue for a stunning combination, look like monsoon’s first drop in this breezy violet-blue lehenga. Embellishments such as zardozi work or crystal detailing can elevate the lehenga, creating a majestic and memorable ensemble.

  • Description: Royal Blue is a deep and majestic shade that exudes richness and sophistication. It is a vibrant and timeless color that can make a bold statement in bridal attire.
  • Significance: This color symbolizes depth, stability, and regality. Choosing Royal Blue as a base reflects a bride’s desire for a modern yet classic look, making it a popular choice for those seeking a blend of tradition and contemporary style.
  • Versatility: Royal Blue pairs well with a variety of contrasting and complementary colors, allowing for intricate embroidery and embellishments to stand out. It is a versatile choice that suits various cultural themes.



Golden, synonymous with opulence and grandeur, remains a classic choice for bridal attire. Opt for a golden lehenga with intricate threadwork, sequins, or mirror embellishments. Experiment with contemporary silhouettes like crop tops or cape-style blouses to bring a modern twist to this timeless hue.

  • Description: Golden, often associated with opulence and luxury, serves as a timeless base color for bridal lehengas. It adds a touch of glamour and radiance to the overall ensemble.
  • Significance: Golden represents wealth, prosperity, and grandeur. As a base color, it signifies a bride’s appreciation for tradition and a desire for a lavish and celebratory look.
  • Versatility: Golden is a highly versatile base color that complements a wide range of other hues. It allows for intricate gold or silver embellishments, creating a regal and ornate bridal attire.



Maroon, representing sensuality and tradition, is a versatile color that suits various skin tones. Combine maroon with contrasting colors like ivory or gold to enhance the richness of the ensemble. Consider experimenting with different draping styles or layering techniques to give the lehenga a contemporary edge.


  • Description:

Maroon could be a profound, red-brown color that’s synonymous with traditional bridal clothing in numerous Indian societies. It could be a classic and ageless choice that radiates warmth and lavishness.

  • Significance:

Maroon symbolizes auspiciousness, energy, and the quintessence of conventional weddings. Choosing Maroon as a base color frequently reflects an association to social roots and a celebration of legacy.

  • Versatility:

Maroon serves as a flexible base color that sets well with different weaving styles and embellishments. It can be adjusted to both conventional and modern bridal looks, making it a prevalent choice for brides looking for an adjustment between classic and cutting-edge aesthetics.

Fusion of Traditional and Contemporary –

Trends in Bridal Lehengas:


One of the most notable trends in bridal lehenga color choices is the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. Brides today seek to strike a balance between honoring cultural traditions and expressing them with their individuality. This trend is reflected in the color palette, as designers infuse modern hues and unconventional shades into the traditional spectrum.


Fusion of Traditional Trend in Lehenga
Fusion of Traditional Trend in Lehenga

While red and gold continue to hold their timeless appeal, brides are increasingly drawn to contemporary tones such as pastels like peach, base colors, blush pinks, emerald greens, and even metallic shades. This infusion of modern colors adds a refreshing twist to the classic bridal look, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and trendiness. Designers are also experimenting with unique color-blocking techniques, combining contrasting colors in innovative ways to create a visually striking impact.


In conclusion, IN 2024 Trending Bridal Lehenga Colour for Wedding offers an idealize mix of convention and advancement. Brides are empowered to investigate their fashion, selecting tones like Royal Blue, Brilliant Red & White, Golden, and Maroon. These various qualities allow for a unique and memorable wedding look that reflects individuality. Grasp the opportunity to precise your particular taste and make your extraordinary day genuinely yours.




1) Which bridal lehenga color is currently trending?

As for the most recent patterns, pastel shades like emerald green, base, peach and flushed pink are prevalent for bridal lehengas. Illustrious Blue, Brilliant, and Maroon too stand out, advertising an immortal and majestic offer. Ultimately, personal preference plays a significant role in selecting the trending color that best suits an individual’s taste and style.

2) What are some customized bridal lehenga ideas?

Customized bridal lehenga thoughts incorporate consolidating personalized weaving with initials or critical images, selecting non-traditional colors, testing with interesting wraps, and combining distinctive textures for a one-of-a-kind bridal gathering custom fitted to person inclinations.

3) How much does a Sabyasachi bridal lehenga cost?

Sabyasachi bridal lehengas can start from 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs or more. The estimating depends on components such as plan complexity, texture choices, and embellishments, making them premium ventures in bridal couture.

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